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My guitar, laptop a...
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My guitar, laptop and Audacity

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I am having this "problem" on my Audacity. I am using my electric guitar together with the Audacity that is installed in my laptop. Acer 5755g i5 is my laptop now.

Hmmm. I am using the 1.2.6 version, since it is the only version that my LAME matches on

Let me put it like this. I record guitar part 1, which is the part for the rhythm guitar, which only composes of simple strumming and such. I save it, and export it as a mp3. Then I load it again, as for me to record the part of the lead guitar. What happens is it re-records the track that I imported before. From the video that I watched before,

, the results I am getting is different from this guy. What seems to be the problem here?

And yeah, if you will ask who is the guy at the comment section asking the same thing.. Yep, that's me lol

Thanks in advance! :)

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I don't understand why you are exporting out of Audacity and then importing it back?
your first guitar that you recorded should be left there. Save project before closing. with Audacity you can create a new track, add what you want and the first track is playing along.
I think your experience is that the first track was already saved.
I think I understand you?

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I would strongly suggest downloading Kristal Audio Engine and ASIO4all. If Kristal seems buggy, go ahead and download Studio One Free. Studio One Free is decent, It's only main limitation is that it does not support third party plugins. Kristal Audio Engine does support third party vst plugins but it's old and may not work on newer computers running Windows 7 or 8.

You can also go try Reaper. Reaper is NOT free. It is however cheap as in inexpensive. Reaper should in no way be confused with cheap. it's a very high quality software with very in depth editing capabilities for both audio and midi. You can evaluate it for 30 days after which it will continue to function but you will get a "nag" screen asking you to buy it. It will continue to work without limitation however. Reaper is also fully VST compatible.

Audacity is great for editing single tracks but it a pain to multitrack in. And if you want to use real time plugins, you will need something else like any of the above options. Both Studio One and Reaper have extensive online help so you should be able to get going without too much difficulty. And if all else fails, you can ask.

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It seems that Kristal Audio Engine has been discontinued but never fear. They are the ones who developed Studio One for Presonus.

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WHat kind the laptop you used? I used the 10.1 inch Laptop with high quality and good performance.