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Newbie at pc usb re...
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Newbie at pc usb recording

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I am a newbie at pc recording/mixing ect. Can anyone help with a few usb audio interface questions.

I currently have
- Yamaha Audiogram3 USB interface -2 channel 1. Mic/inst 2 stereo input
- A behringer usb stereo in stereo out (not sure of the model.)
I am using ableton live and also Guitar Fx box for live effects.

if I use one guitar input I am able to do reasonable work on ableton live aND ALTERNATIVELY GET REASONABLE SOUND EFFECT THROUGH fx BOX.


Could I use both channels of the Yamaha to have two concurrent inputs from (say) guitars. Channel 2 is designated for playing audio input from MP3 cd etc. If I were to preamp a guitar into channel 2 would I then be able to get channel 1 and two for use on say ableton live.

Yamaha uses standard usb driver (Win7) and behringer has its own set of drivers that are working successfully on its own. If I put both audio interface into two different usb ports on the same computer would I then have access to 4 (mono) channels through ableton live - or a similar daw?

Any help you coulde give me to get the most out of the usb stuff I have got would be really helpful

Cheers Bloosey from Tasmania

Ignar Hillström
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I use cubase myself, and I can tell you that while it's no problem using multiple USB/MIDI instruments simultanously this doesn't work well for interfaces all the time. For example, my Behringer UCA202 has stereo in/out, but it's only one channel. You can send two mono signals into the input which'll go to the same stereo track in your DAW, after which you can split them to two seperate mono tracks but that's about it. DAW's often aren't too happy with using multiple of such interfaces at the same time, you'll either use the Behringer (with it's drivers determining latency) or the other one.

What would you ideally be able to do?