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Weird static interf...
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Weird static interference

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I'm getting this, not sure if it's something with my household electrical or what... It doesn't happen all the time, picked up by the amp (any guitar will do that - I tried with 4 different ones).

Are there any sort of noise suppressors? Could it be the cheap dollar store brand powerbar? Any clues would be helpful... lol I'm going crazy. Get into a nice vibe playing guitar and singing then... tititEEEchchhhhchchzuuuuappppppciiziiiiiiwweeee happens... D'OH! lol

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From what I understand, you've tried 4 different guitars on the same amp, and it's plugged into the same power strip? Have you tried switching guitar instrument cables? I've got two cables doing this to me. (I have quite a few back ups in addition to one on each amp that's ready to turn on and play). I need to make my way over the the gee-tar store and turn 'em in sometime.

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I have a similiar problem, in my recording area. I have isolated the problem to be interferance from two sources...a TV and my Amp. Mostly the TV, by turning it off the problem goes away. Sometimes if I am really close and facing my Amp, it will cause a wee bit of noise, so I either turn it off or just turn away. So, my suggestion would be to start narrowing down any possible interferance, such as TV's, radio's, etc (in the same room) and turn them off one by one. Also, I used to have a bad habit of laying my cell phone on top of my half stack and it would cause static, esp. when it would ring in. If none of that works, you may look into lifting the ground on any equipment your hooked into, that will actually let you do this (switch on back). I suppose a better power strip would help. I run all my stuff off of a Furman power conditioner, which is supposed to eliminate a/c line noise, but I have the cheapest one, so I don't how much protection I am getting. You can get a similiar one for around $70.00. It is pretty handy. ART also makes a hum eliminator, it is around $50.00. Of course, you know some pedals and effects, especially compressors will cause noise, and can be taken care of with a noise clamp. Happy Hunting!!!!