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6-string or 12-string Acoustic guitar, which should you get? Both have pros and cons and both are excellent instruments, depending on what you are looking to accomplish on guitar and how much you are willing to spend.

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Posted : 20/03/2009 9:37 am
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If you are just learning the guitar I would suggest a 6 string right now. A 12 string sounds really nice but they have a wider neck and are a little more difficult to play. Your fingers will be sore enough just playing a 6 string. I would wait until your callouses form and you get more hand strength before you attempt a 12 string. If you're already to that point and you're trying to decide on a new guitar, I would still buy a 6 string if it's the only guitar you're going to have. If you want a second accoustic then I would consider a 12 string.

Posted : 20/03/2009 10:31 am