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Clear all a new way to buy/sell/auction guitars online

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Hi there! My name is Nick and I’m a soon to graduate senior computer science student and a lifelong guitar player! Thanks for taking the time to read about Guitar Gavel. My business partner David I have begun to develop a brand new e-space to buy, bid, sell, or auction guitars. Our main goal with the site is to provide a gimmick free service so that buying and selling guitars online will never be a hassle. However, aside from facilitating guitar sales, we want to provide a communal space where folks can post pictures, articles, or a cool new idea. Though, during our developmental stage before the production site is ready to launch we are looking to get community feedback. If you’re interested head over to to sign up on our email list. While you’re on the site we would also really appreciate it if you filled out our survey. Hopefully I’ll see your name on the site once the Gavel first strikes. Cheers, Nick.

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Posted : 18/11/2020 5:01 pm