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"Rare Elvis Six String" CD

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FYI - Vintage Guitar Magazine review of my CD above:

"Lou Pecci has released albums dedicated to Spaghetti Western soundtracks, songs related to James Bond, and his own compositions. Typically featuring solo or multiple guitars only, all are fascinating and worth seeking out.

Pecci’s latest, “Rare Elvis Six String,” focuses on the more obscure songs Elvis Presley recorded only once, during his movie period. So you won’t hear “Viva Las Vegas,” but you will hear “I Need Somebody to Lean On,” from “Viva” – a beautiful ballad that deserves more attention. And Pecci Layers gut-string guitars on “Marguerita,” losing the mariachi backing featured in “Fun in Acapulco.”

“All I Needed Was The Rain,” from 1968’s “Stay Away, Joe,” bears more than a passing resemblance to “Ode To Billy Joe,“ and “Clean Up Your Own Backyard” (“The Trouble With Girls,” 1969) gives Pecci a chance to show off his blues chops.

The CD also features four bonus tracks: songs that were recorded by Elvis but did not appear in any of his movies. “You’ll Be Gone” would fit comfortably into Dick Dale’s repertoire, while Presley introduced Hank Williams’ classic “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” as “probably the saddest song I’ve ever heard” when he sang it on 1973’s historic “Aloha From Hawaii” telecast.

It’s always interesting to see what concept Pecci will come up with next. But I’d love to hear him in a nice ambient studio, with a solid rhythm section, playing through a tube-amp – trading that thin, “direct” sound for a fuller tone his formidable six-string talents merit."
Copyright 2018 Dan Forte; all rights reserved. Vintage Guitar Magazine June 2018 issue.

Posted : 22/04/2018 2:54 pm