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The range can only ...
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The range can only be achieved by proper technique

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Do you want to sing with range? ... and are you looking for great tips that will help you improve your vocal range, tone, agility,
and placement and breathing all in one place? Something that is affordable, simple and easy to use?

Jamie Vendera is a vocal instructor with many years of experience.
He is officially the first man in the world to shatter a glass with his voice alone (according to Mythbusters and Guiness World Records).
His website offers reviews of products that are good for the voice (nutrients, throat coating tea, singing tips, support),
reviews of well-known, renowned books and other media that is excellent and helpful for the voice.

His book has helped me to sing above the Tenor High C (C5) in full-voice, as well as improve many other areas
of my vocal instrument. Although I'm only a beginner in his technique, it has helped me to build up my entire voice
and he has helped me to understand how to take care of my unique instrument.

If you are interested and are willing to give it a shot, please feel free to visit his website. Thank you.

(100% garantueed that you won't regret it !!!)

Posted : 02/11/2005 4:36 pm