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Challenge: Help me ...
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Challenge: Help me find amp

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Hello, I have a challenge for everyone here: I need to find a particular amp. Story is

I searched all over the internet for custom and handmade amps one day. I found a forum where some one posted a link to this amp maker. This makers web page showed his small amps with three knobs. There was at least one sound sample and that is why i'm posting this message here: I didn't save any of the searches or links and my pc froze, after which I searched for like days on end for this amp and nothing! Anyways, it was the best sounding amp I ever heard. Just hoping someone might have a clue for me, or better search skills. As i recall the person who posted the link said it was a guy who recently started making amps again after a long hiatus, and I want to say he is out of Penn or Virginia or something. I have no clue what his name is. But his amps..ohmygod...

so yeah, if anyone can find it or knows who it is, link it up. Thanks

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Have you checked your browser's history?

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you are looking at boutique amps. meaning amps made by one or two persons.
all hand wired with point to point soldering.
they have a steep price tag however.

those that do go that route have only positive things to say about them; any brand.

Ive been curious, but do not have several thousand to invest.

do you remember the name.

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Maybe this one?


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