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Drums buzzing with ...
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Drums buzzing with the bass

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Hello people,

Maybe this is a stupid question, though I bet it is something that happens all the time. I'm the bassist for a band and we are rehearsing in a basement. No matter what the frequency of the bass's sound, the drums buzz a lot. I know this is normal, but in our case the buzzing gets a bit out of hand. Does this have to do with my playing too loud? Or is it related to the fact that we're rehearsing in a small basement? (or maybe it's just that we need a new set of drums...). What can one do to reduce this annoying sound?

Thanks in advance and cheers!

Johann Sebastian Bass

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   This buzzing is caused  by the snare rattling against the snare tom. If you're drummer does not need to have the "snare" sound, tell him to "take it off" - there should be a switch on the snare drum that lowers the snare away from the snare tom.

If he does need it, check we're everything is pointed towards. If everything is gun-ho at the drummer, you might want to reconfigure the positioning of the speakers so that they face away from the drummer.

The drummer can also loosen the snare, if I am correct, you might want to try that to.

I hope this helps so far!

Rock on!


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Yeah, one thing that really helped my band was to put a little bit of masking tape on the balls on the bottom of the drum, right at the edge of the head.  This helps to keep them from rattling, but still allows them to resonate when the drummer decides to release the Thunder of the Gods.

Rock on, dude!

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This might not work put try putting the drums on a mat or on a drum riser like we use

its just a big wooden box with castors so u can move them around the stage but it could take off some of the vibration aswell


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