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Effects Loop and Wearing down the amps front end

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Hello. Does anybody know it stomp boxes wear down the amps front end, the preamp tubes. Does a stomp box creat a bigger signal therefore making the amp reproduce it louder causing wear to the front end and or preamp tubes. Should I run all my effects through my effects loop. How does an overdrive distortion soundin an effets loop. I heard it sounds better in the front end, amps input. Only if its true it wears it down.Then I dont want to burn out my amp. I heard chorus and delays play well in an effects loop. What about the front end. Thanks. Paul. I just bought a Crate Palamino 2 X 12. Anyone know how they sound.

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Nope, the signal level doesn't affect the life of the "preamp" tubes. Actually, since they're operating in Class A, they're producing the most heat when they're idling and any power they produce is drawn from what's wasted as heat at idle. When overdriven they're no longer Class A, but it makes no difference practically speaking. The preceding is true of output tubes in Class A amps as well. They don't get hotter as you crank the volume up.

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