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07/03/2017 11:07 am  


I'm not really into guitar, but recording.

I'cant even get audacity working

I have ADAT.

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07/03/2017 1:31 pm  

Audacity is a free download and comes ready to roll. Open a track, click record

You'll need to feed your sound source into Audacity either through a mic or a DAW. I tend to import WAV files into Audacity from my recording desk, but I'm sure other users here will talk you through setting up the DAW

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07/03/2017 8:47 pm  

I do like the behringer condenser

but I've got spdif (lightpipe)
and ADAT

Audacity has only been a sound on sound
device, app that only punch's 2 tracks
2x2 (stereo). I use the spdif for chroma
l,r and a couple more.

My new hp has no lightpipe on the out either
Do I need a intel 920 or what might you know of
that can handle the lightpipe? It worked fine
with win7 and an upgraded version.


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