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i haven't been on the boards in awhile I thought I'd share my recent sound experiences and tips.

1. Never assume if you setup a system the night before and it works fine it will work fine the next day even though nobody touched a thing.
2. Always have a backup plan
3. Rain VS Amp Rack. Rain wins had to dry for about 4hrs before i could safely turn it back on.

IT was one of those weekends needless to say.

However this weekend will be fun as well. Friday night doing a gig for a band at a local club, then Saturday loading in the BIG RIG for Christian Concert that night( my band is playing too so i can have some fun) along with a National artist and several other bands at the local arena. Sunday load in a church where National artist is paying that night at. 1pm load in. RUn up the road DJ a send off party leave it at 5pm get back to the church for sound check and show at 7pm. So Monday morning at my REAL job I'll be dead. Hope nobody needs any electrical design that day.

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