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Unidentified Amp
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Unidentified Amp

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Hi everyone, i hope all is well.
i have a question, my big bro left me his amp and i cant identify where it came from :?
i looked at the label on the front of it and its a "Kamen Matrix MA100SC" and it's a pretty big amp (my guess is 35W but i don't really know)
i looked it up online but couldn't fined anything about it, not that it's that criticall but i wanted to know where it came from (probobly china :P )
if anyone knows anything about my amp or owns a kamen amp i would like to get some background detail about it...

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I think the name you meant was "Kaman" which is Kaman Music Corporation, a music distribution company. They do distribute Hughes & Kettner Matrix 100 combos and half-stacks.

The "Matrix MA100SC" amp is more of a problem. I get Google hits for the Hughes & Kettner Matrix 100 combo and half-stack, but I'd think that it would be obvious if it was a H&K, as they are well-marked with nameplates/logos all over them. There is a "Matrix" that also makes cheap electronic guitar tuners, so it's possible this is the company that made this amp, but I haven't been able to dig up any more info at this time.



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The only thing I can think of is some sort of early amp production by Kaman Music corporation. That company currently makes Hughes and Kettner and they have a line of amps called the Matrix100C. That is a 100 watt amp. here is a link :

oops, kind of looks like I got beat to the punch.

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