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Ben Harper

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hey guys,

my friend showed me a cool fan site for Ben Harper if ur interested...

Posted : 08/05/2006 4:38 pm
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Hi, but who is Ben Harper?

Posted : 09/05/2006 6:26 am
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thx for the site. the clip's awesome! I can never get enough Ben Harper!

Posted : 11/05/2006 7:46 pm
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Hi, but who is Ben Harper?

I was thinking the same thing! :lol:

Does he go by other names like: j_benz222, or elle_she_fille?! :shock: :lol:

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Posted : 12/05/2006 2:05 am
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great link thanx, one of my new favorite artists :wink:
saw him perform on the H. Rollins show tonight.


Posted : 12/05/2006 3:33 am
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Hi, but who is Ben Harper?

Check out "The Will to Live" and "Burn to Shine". Two of my favorite albums from Ben Harper.

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Posted : 12/05/2006 4:43 am