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Hello Everyone

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Hello Everyone,
My name's Tim and I'm from the UK. I have been struggling to find a resource like this for months, and stumbled across it completely by accident when searching for the tab for a song. I'm new to this guitar thing (I play drums mostly - no jokes about musicians and drummer please!). This site is fantasic!!!!!!
The lessons and downloads are perfect - where have you been all my life? Will you have my children? Can I have yours?
Seriously though, I haven't got a bad thing to say - I've improved more in the short time since discovering Guitar Noise, than in the months and months before.
Keep up the great work!!
(was that too 'gushy'? What the hell!)

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Welcome to GN!


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Hi Tim! 8)


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Hi, Tim. I thought they weren't allowing any more Brits into this forum! (Just kidding; actually the thing I love about this board is the diversity of having fellow guitarists from all over the world.) Welcome!



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Welcome to Guitar Noise! We look forward to seeing you around the forums! :D

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Welcome, there lots of good information here.

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Hello everybdy!
My Name is Hamada; I am from Morocco. I know some know only few things about Morocco if they know any at all. I have just subscribed to GUITARNOISE and would like to learn some from your experiences. I like Metallica and could play nothing else matters as well as mama said. Is my English going fine. I sure it is lol. I actually am in need of the way to play You and I by Scorpion. If anyone knows how SOS PLEASE.