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Hello everyone!

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Hello there,

As an introduction, I'm just going to through a little (although that is quickly turning into a lot) about myself...

I'm 27 and live in the Rochester, NY area with my wonderful wife and our two cats. I've been playing the guitar consistently now for approximately 4 months. Honestly, I don't really remember exactly if it was a little before the beginning of the year or a little after, but it was somewhere around that. I've owned a guitar for a few years now and never really did a whole lot with it other than learn a couple of small intros to songs and a couple basic cords and scales. I've never taken any lessons on playing (other than the ones on Guitar Noise :D ).

My guitar itself is a cheap electric that I picked up used to be sure I really got the hang of playing and could make an informed decision on my first "real" guitar purchase later on. Same thing goes for the amp. The guitar itself is a Peavey International Series Raptor I with the bridge and middle pickups having been replaced with Duncan Performer dual-coil pickups. There appears to be a spot on the guitar for a tremolo bar, but if so its missing. I haven't done anything to the guitar myself other than trying to keep it in tune :D . I've been thinking about replacing the strings on the guitar, but I'm unsure if that's really necessary.

I'm into just about any flavor of rock and aspire to be able to play a little of everything under that umbrella of a description at some point. Because of the nickname I feel like I should also get into the Blues :lol: .

I've been lurking on Guitar Noise for about the same amount of time as my most recent attempt at playing the guitar. I've gone through several of the lessons here and have attempted a few of the Easy Songs for Beginners; House of the Rising Sun is probably the song I can play best right now. I've also recently started going through the "Beginner's videos" thread. There is a lot of inspirational, informative, and supportive material in that thread! Its awesome to see people at about the same spot in their learning process struggling with many of the same things and to see how much those little improvements add up in the matter of a days, weeks, and more. Lastly, I'd like to give a huge thanks to everyone at Guitar Noise. From the people who put it together to the people on the forums sharing their personal struggles and advice, its all invaluable to beginners like myself.

Posted : 25/04/2009 8:32 pm
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Welcome to GN. Glad you finally made it offical. 8)

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Posted : 25/04/2009 9:43 pm
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Welcome to GN!


Posted : 25/04/2009 10:48 pm
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Welcome to Guitar Noise! We look forward to seeing you around the forums! :D

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Posted : 26/04/2009 1:49 am
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Hi There.

Welcome. Im also a relative newbie and have found very good information and lessons so far!

Posted : 27/04/2009 7:36 pm
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You've got two cats! Cool!!!


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Posted : 27/04/2009 10:34 pm
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Welcome and Cats are so overrated..Ha J/K as you see in my avatar I have one myself!

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Posted : 28/04/2009 7:50 pm
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dogs = $$$$$$$

cats = :( :( :(

edit: also, welcome!!!!

Posted : 04/05/2009 7:22 pm
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Hi! I got two cats, too, and one of 'em just loves to come up to the music room and sit at my feet while I practice. I like to think she comes to hear the music, but I really believe she does it mainly to be petted in between songs.



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Posted : 12/05/2009 4:01 pm
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Hmm, neither of my cats ever want to be around when I'm playing; I wonder if it has something to do with my playing :shock: :lol: .

Posted : 21/05/2009 12:27 am
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Jr the cat in my avatar will stay in the room if I'm playing by myself but when the band is over neither her of the dogs come around.

Actually I take that back we have a Lhasa Apso who is deathly afraid of drums so he won't come donw until everyone leaves, we also have new puppy that's a Pekinese/Bichon mix (OK yea it's a girly dog)but she's alittle cutie and she is very nosey and will come down and stay when the band is playing and we play loud but it doesn't seem to phase her, the wife usually isn't too happy but the dog is fine.

"It's all about stickin it to the man!"
It's a long way to the top if you want to rock n roll!

Posted : 21/05/2009 2:32 pm
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Gawd, there's a lot of cat lovers round here - from David Hodge (whose cat Charlie does the news letter every now and then) to the cat lovers above to people like Katmetal, Straycat, Pearlthekat, Cat, etc...but it's balanced out by Dogbite and Smokingdog, etc!

Got two dogs myself - a Labrador and a Jack Russell. They'll sit and watch me play guitar for hours, especially if I balance a biscuit or some other tasty morsel on my knee!

None of which has any bearing whatsoever on music, so I'll shut up and welcome you to guitarnoise!

:D :D :D


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Posted : 21/05/2009 11:45 pm