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Hey everybody I have been playing guitar for 6 years now, i usually play spanish songs such as Mana, El Canto Del Loco, Soda Esterio, i like to play American songs aswell. I Recently graduated from college here in venezuela (UCV) not the greatest but atleast its something. A few months ago I Had an idea to make a new style of website for guitarists , so i came up with an idea of Members being able to put videos of themselves playing the guitar and put the tablature to the song beneath the video. So that other members learn from the videos and the tablature. I came up with the name ( like cowabunga) but with tab ... anyways the reason i made this website was to get out of venezuela , because i have no other choice , i either hit a good idea and get lucky or stay here for the rest of my life , making 600 dollars monthly, but also you cant complain of the women here , the most beutifull in the world :). I also like playing old music like eric clapton, guns n roses , pink floyd . Stuff like that. Anyways SALUDOS DE VENEZUEEEEEELA

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Tababunga sounds good. Get a trademark. Very welcome! :D

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Welcome aboard! 8)

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Welcome to Guitar Noise! We hope to see you around the forums! :D

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Welcome to GN!