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Hello World

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Hello forumites.
As you probably know, I'm new to the guitarnoise forums.
My username is hypotemoose. It's a math joke; yay!
An alternative nickname I go by is simply Moose.

I play the bass and have a basic knowledge of guitar playing.
Very Basic.
I also play a bit of harmonica and have been playing piano for several years.
Further, I'm quite interested in the didgeridoo.

I'm excited to be here and ready to learn!

Posted : 19/02/2008 11:11 pm
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Welcome aboard Moose! 8)


"The only way I know that guarantees no mistakes is not to play and that's simply not an option". David Hodge

Posted : 20/02/2008 11:51 am
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Welcome to Guitar Noise, Moose! We look forward to seeing you around the forums! :D

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"Don't wanna ride no shootin' star. Just wanna play on the rhythm guitar." Emmylou Harris, "Rhythm Guitar" from "The Ballad of Sally Rose"

Posted : 20/02/2008 4:24 pm
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Welcome to GN Moose!


Posted : 20/02/2008 4:56 pm
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Welcome Moose!

Posted : 27/02/2008 9:25 pm
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Welcome :D

Posted : 27/02/2008 11:09 pm