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Introduction from East Coast canada

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Hi, I am a 66 year old male that loved the sound of the classical guitar. From 16 I always had a guitar, but never was good at it. Along came 1968 and Mason Williams with his Classical Gas and this sent me in a different direction. I started to love classical guitar as well I did learn to play Classical Gas "note for note" from the 1972 Guitar Player magazine that Williams allowed to have his original solo version printed, notes and tabs.

I quit playing after 35 years or so and just got back into playing about a year and a half ago and still trying to trying to bring back my forgotten repertoire.

With not a lot of smarts as a teenager I had no one to ask about guitars so I bought the best handmade guitar that Yamaha had to offer at $850 a lot of money back then. It was 1972 Grand Concert GC-20D with Jacaranda (like Brazilian Rosewood) back and sides, beautiful in-lay and so on with a fantastic sound and a scale length of 662 mm. This was one of my problems in that the guitar was a little large for my 5'5 frame and small hands and I learned from other forms I would have a much easier time with a shorter scale length.

I have just sold this guitar and have not shipped it yet, I am now looking for a good 630 mm scale length so that I can enjoy playing once again. I do have a Yamaha Silent guitar that is a 650 mm that is lot's of fun with it's sound effects, but it is still a bit too long.

I hope to get some advice from the form and as well I have a tune that I hope someone can identify. I recently found a partial tape recording of myself playing a guitar piece, but I forget the name and composer. I have put it on SoundCloud if someone would at least listen. The clip is only 40 seconds long.

Thanks for being part of the forum,


Posted : 04/08/2015 10:05 pm