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[Sticky] Meet and Greet

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Here's a good Dylan site for you: [/quot

Thanks for the link, Musenfreund. I've been working on "Mr. Tambourine Man" and "Blowin' In The Wind" and doing pretty good with those so far. I intend to build on that as time goes on- what a gold mine!



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Posted : 31/05/2004 9:03 pm
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Glad you like it!

Well we all shine on--like the moon and the stars and the sun.
-- John Lennon

Posted : 31/05/2004 9:43 pm
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Greetings all. Narn a.k.a. Paul here. I've been kicking around for a few months now, but figured I'd drop in and put a few faces to the names. I'm in Port aux Basques, Nl, Canada. Small town of 4000, and I believe the windiest town on the planet.

Started the Geetah about 15 years ago. Picked it up, put it down. Repeat that pattern ad naseum. Finally, about a year after the birth of my son I picked it up again with the intent of having him grow up in a home where musc was played (all knids of cognitive benifits they say). Now I'm hooked and go to work sleepy every day since the only time I can play without interruption is late in the evening. (Where's a vampire when you need one.) Strictly acoustic right now and may be for a while as I just cured my GAS with a new Alvarez.

Great site with excellent people. The level of help and respect around here is unmatched on the web. Thank you all. I tend to ramble, so I gotta. Take care all.


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Posted : 02/06/2004 11:59 am
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YAY! More folks here in the asylum. Welcome all. Now what we need to do is pick a nice town and all of us GN folks just move in and take it over. :)

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Posted : 02/06/2004 12:23 pm
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I've been on this site's forum for a couple month's now, didn't notice this before

I've been playing for 3 years, started when i was 13. Been playing with my friend Alex for about a year roughly, writing lots of music. I really love classical guitar, and and I try to balance it with my equal obsession with all the electric sounds out there. I think I am diagnosably addicted to guitar, if I don't play for two or three days, I start to develop a twitch in my right eye, I'm not kidding. I love performing above all else, and I hope to play for as much of my life as I can manage. Big on Theory too, but I'm self-taught so my theory is a little buggy. Love the site, love the people, Guitarnoise is just super I tellyawhut.

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-Mitch Hedburg
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Posted : 03/07/2004 9:58 am
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Hey, I'm Tom. Very new here although I've had a look around. I have to say I'm impressed with the knowledge and the attitudes on this forum. Much better than what I'm used to!

I'm a south paw which is where the first half of my nick comes from (I read somewhere that sinister means left handed or left in latin. Not sure if its true but I like it). The "hack" part comes from my current playing level. Anyway, I received a Fender DG-10LH from my fiance for my 30th birthday a couple of weeks ago and I haven't been able to put the damn thing down since. I've been using the lessons on this site and a few books to get me going before I take my first lesson in a few days.

I'm looking forward to knowing enough to ask questions of you guys!


Posted : 19/07/2004 7:20 pm
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Welcome to the madhouse!

By the way, I believe David is also a southpaw.

Well we all shine on--like the moon and the stars and the sun.
-- John Lennon

Posted : 20/07/2004 8:07 pm
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Welcome fellow southpaw, I think there are a lot more of us out there.

Best regards

The guitar is all right John but you'll never make a living out of it! (John Lennon's Aunt Mimi)

Posted : 22/07/2004 11:48 am
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I didn't know there were so many of us in our right minds here!


Posted : 22/07/2004 1:20 pm
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Well I feel honoured to add my name on this great list.

I'm Curtis Perry, I'm 16 years of age and currently living in Ottawa. I got into music later than I would have previously hoped had I known what a passion I would develop for the art. I wish to learn as much as I can here, and I'm not afraid of being pushy or potentially wrong for the sake of making mistakes and becoming a better musician for it.

I've been playing guitar for two years; I take a physical appoach to my songwriting, which is to say I write on the guitar and I use muscle memory to get the music out of my head and into the air.

I wish to learn basic piano so I can arrange songs more effectively, as I write for my group consisting of vocals, rhythm section and guitar.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

Posted : 22/07/2004 4:24 pm
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Welcome to the asylum for the musically insane!

You'll find this a great place to hang out. It's a supportive and friendly online community. Good to have you aboard.

Well we all shine on--like the moon and the stars and the sun.
-- John Lennon

Posted : 22/07/2004 5:50 pm
Nick Torres
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Hi Curtis,

You won't need "pushy" here. Everybody asks questions and answers are freely and generously given.

Wrong is perfectly okay too. I was wrong once and Alan has it written down on his calendar. Okay I was wrong twice if you believe Alex. Three times if you believe the other side of the dinosaur brain debate.

So take your time and find your way around, ask questions, don't fear being wrong and enjoy yourself here.


Posted : 22/07/2004 5:58 pm
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This topic has yet to be ruined, so it's about time I put my name down... :P

My name's John Tucker, I'm a guitarist from Cardiff in the UK (I say Cardiff, I'm actually from a small village called Wenvoe on the outskirts of Cardiff - I'm actually one of the few remaining people in Wenvoe related to the founding farmers of the village. Wenvoe is now a place for urban refugees and SUVs pretty much :roll:) and I've written a few (sub-par) pieces for Guitar Noise and I'm in a band (Avex). I'm a lefty and I probably whine about it more than anyone else here. I favour Fenders typically (current weapon of choice being a Telecaster although I'm looking into a Jaguar to swap over so it's lefty) although I do have a semi-hollow ES-type. Like all guitarists trying to land a record deal I spent my life in a perpetual state of worry over the most trivial areas of my music and I make a very poor attempt at singing when the fancy takes me.



2002 Fender Standard Telecaster (which I bought "new" on December 27th, 2003), 2001 Squier Affinity Stratocaster (middle pickup removed, three-way switch put in, essentially a Telecaster now - bought "new" in May 2003), Tanglewood Memphis ES-335 copy (unknown year), 2002 Squier P-Bass Special (bought in 2004).

Pedals (in order, from guitar to amp):

Zoom 505 (set on permanent by-pass to avoid the multi-fx tone kill, used as a sort of real-time tuner for when I'm on stage), Boss DS-1 for light crunch, Boss MT-2 for all-out metal. I also have a Crybaby wah pedal which I tell myself I'm going to use next band practice and never do.

Amp and trivialities:

Marshall MG30DFX. I use D'addario strings and Jim Dunlop .60mm USA Nylon picks.

Posted : 22/07/2004 7:45 pm
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My name is Emil Visti and I'm from Denmark. I'm currently a highschool student (In advanced music class, of course) and at the moment I'm not in any band, although I have been in several, ranging from metal to acid rock and blues. I started playing fretless bass guitar a few years ago and have just recently started playing the guitar, which I've come to like almost as much as the bass. The guitar makes it much easier for me to work on my own material, which is one of my major hobbies. I have about 4 original tracks that I'm satisfied and sketched-out framework for a lot more. Expect some MP3's in the Composer area.

My favorite bands/artists include The Dave Matthews Band, Pink Floyd, Pantera, Tool, Jaco Pastorious, Faith No More, Miles Davis, Death, Cynic, The Mars Volta, Yes and King Crimson.

I try not to worry too much about my own musical ability. As long as I can play what I want to, I'm satisfied. I've received lessons in theory and bass guitar and I feel that I'm pretty strong in the theory area.

Well. There you have it.

Behold! The great northern viking's pinnacle of evolution! Behold my wavy blonde locks, my icy blue eyes and my muscular physique! Behold my.. screw this, I'm going to McDonald's.

Posted : 22/07/2004 8:39 pm
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Well, I've been reading this forum everyday at work for over a week so it's high time I actually registered and said Hi!

Name's Andrew, turned 26 3 days ago, and am from the UK - I work in London, and live just north of London. I've always loved listening to different music since I was little, but have never learnt anything. As I'm moving out of a shared flat into a place on my own I figured now would be a good time to start learning! So my girlfriend was kind enough to buy me a Fender DG-5 acoustic for my birthday :)

Picked it up just under two weeks ago, have played every day since, and been using this site as inspiration! I've learnt most of the open chords, chromatic and pentatonic scales and have been trying to play Horse With No Name and Staind's 'Outside' in order to get some form of strumming ability! I hope to be able to serenade my girlfriend with something soon, but have warned her it might take a while! At least neither of my flatmates have complained so far... :P A longer term goal is to be able to play with my dad, who's in two small bands that do private functions, they don't have an acoustic player...

I listen to a lot of different stuff, nearly all american bands though, Metallica, Offspring, Matchbox 20, Fuel, Iron Maiden, John Mayer, Incubus, etc etc...

That's quite enough from me, look forward to joining some of the discussions round here.


"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."
-- Mark Twain

Posted : 23/07/2004 12:37 pm
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