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Hello all from the east coast of the USA. I came upon this website while trolling for information concerning a repair of an instrument that I recently bought.
I have been a "student" of the guitar in many aspects over the 40+ years that I have been involved in the concept.
I have owned a varied plethora of instruments and gear.
I joined this forum because it appealed to my need to share what I have come to understand about a guitar.

Posted : 22/05/2018 11:31 pm
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Hello Nilrem, welcome to forum...I am new here too. What was the issue that you were looking to get repaired on your guitar? I know that Guitar Answer Guy website has some great tips on guitar issues if it isn't majorly complex. If it is a real complex one then getting a pro to look over it is worth the time and money...knowing this from experience of doing more damage then good to a guitar I was trying to fix!

What is your favourite bit of gear that you have at the moment from your plethora of guitars & gear :)

Professional guitar teacher based in Sheffield, UK -

Posted : 24/05/2018 10:54 am
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Thanks for the comments.

I share a collection of guitars, amps and recording equipment with my adult son. He, is a self taught composer using DAW Fruity Loops, + Reason and great guitarist/keyboardist. Together we own 26 guitars : one 12str. - one classical and seven 6str acoustics - sixteen electric six strings; one electric seven string, and two electric basses - one fretted and one fretless. Amps are about one Fender Frontman, one Vox VT30 Valvetronix, one Marshall Acoustic amp. We also own a an Alesis 6 channel Digital Mixer that has a USB port; a 4 channel Stereo Tape recorder with Sound-on-Sound; a vintage Shure SM-67 Microphone and many instrument/mic cables plus guitar stands. I accomplish all of the maintenance and repairs on the cables or guitars. I also dabble in electronic repairs of our equipment that have issues.

I became enraptured by the guitar as a New Year's resolution, 1976. I was serving in the USAF as a fighter aircraft repairman at the time and I had become surrounded by other service members who were musicians that were well beyond my capabilities. yet motivated me to begin learning to play. My involvement in maintenance/repair of guitars began after I discovered how expense it could become when an instrument was repaired by a professional. I am still learning how to use a guitar and much of my effort has been passed on to my son.

I came upon this website as I was trolling the web for some direction with respect to a beautiful Behringer MetAlien six string electric instrument that had a terrible fretting problem. In three different places where was dead frets. One was with respect to the E, A, and D string where the other two were about the G, B, and high E strings. The first three frets had grooves in them from playing that area bunches, also.

I have a collection of luthier tools that I have accumulated over the 42yrs. that I have been a student of guitar technology. I was in a dilemma here though, as a notched straight edge gauge is one of the tools that I have never bought and I was considering that perhaps the fingerboard was the problem. It is a bound rosewood with 24 fret, bolt on. I contemplating making a notchedstright edge BUT, I had no materials on hand to do that, I elected to ignore that issue after I discovered that the truss rod was very loose.

With the neck removed from the body, I clamped it to the top of one of my work benches after I put one full turn on the truss rod nut and waited a day before I checked the situation. Inspection of the fret heights using a carpenter's level that I acquired many years ago revealed that the issue was NOT the fingerboard but was a function of fret heights. That issue I can deal with.

After 36hrs. of labor where I leveled; recrowned and mirror polished the frets, the neck was pristine and dead-nuts fixed! I also paid much attention to the fret ends as I discovered in the past that that issue is often overlooked and IMHO, that is a !FAIL! :shock: , everytime. A guitar which is setup correctly will enable the player a huge degree of comfort while playing. That tends to lead to new horizons for those who can use the instrument to create compelling melodies.

So, that's my long - of - the - short answer! I hope to be able to help others who discover that they are stumped by some negative issues that crop up and seem overwhelming. Time shall tell, as usual. :roll:

Posted : 30/05/2018 9:54 pm
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Welcome to Guitar Noise.


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Posted : 03/07/2018 4:11 pm