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New... but no so new!

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Hello all
I am a 54 year old guitar fan who has been playing on and off since I was a kid. I love all kinds of music and even try to play all sorts!
I did Classical for a while in my 30s but only got as far as Grade 6 and to go further you would need to be unemployed or a teenager again with loads of time!!!.
Anyway, I am still playing and love to play all kinds...from Bach to Guy Clark to BB King, I love them all.
At the moment I am learning
Classical Gas (nearly there and will "record" it when finished on my Boss RC3 loop pedal as i find that aiming to record it gives you a good target and forces you to correct any sloppiness!)
Prelude in D by Bach (gorgeous piece and had it learned years ago but alas I let it slip thru neglect)
Angie by the Rolling Stones ( i play along to the song and try to mute the guitar part thru Riffstation)

I want to learn Recuerdos by Tarrega next and I know it will be a big ask but its the challenge I like as I dont play with anyone else (Jamtracks only!!) so need to keep things moving on by picking pieces or songs that I need to spend a couple of months on!

Anyway, hello to everyone and any ideas for keeping yourself learning and amused (cos as I said I play alone always) along the way would be welcome!
I have a Contreras Classical guitar that I bought in Barcelona 28 years ago
A Taylor 214CE that I strum on and play fingerstyle
A Fender Telecaster that I jam along to and TRY to learn some blues and lead guitar.

Cheers to all

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Hi Dicey1

What a great introduction. It's great to have you here, I look forward to seeing you around the forum.