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New, from Canada

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Hello. New to this forum. I'm a hobbyist who likes to compose and dabble with new sounds and gear. I do gear reviews for pleasure (I don't work for any companies), usually by buying, trading and selling, but occasionally luck out with a product provided to me for review. My actual occupation is as a fitness clinician, working with injury rehab, competitive athletes, etc. 

Posted : 05/02/2021 8:53 am
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Hi. Im new around here too. The memphis area.  I actually moved from Nashville to here just this last summer. I have been playing with big names for over 20 years.  Rancid, Simple Plan, even BB King!      Ill drop no more names, but I do have tons of gear with noone to jam with.  My day job is at a laboratory in our hospital. I do have 3 to 4 days a week off.  So plenty of time for jamming.  I also work with a huge name in the music game right now. He has been in the game for decades and isn't going anywhere.  But thats neither here nor there.  The only way that even comes into the light if we are making some good music. So Im looking for someone to come over to my studio and bounce greatness off each other. Who knows? It may very well go from a hobby to a few commas on a paycheck.   The only goal here is to have fun.  Ive been in the game a while and frankly Im tired of all talk no show.  Everyone says they want it. But no one wants to put in the time.  And its not much time needed.   So the conclusion is, if you wanna jam for serious or for fun. Please hi me back. Ill put mu number but im not sire of the rules here about that.  So message me and ill get back asap.  Unless aim working. Which in that case itll just be after 7 pm.  Thanks for taking the time to read this small book andnIm super excited tonhear from someone soon.  Later


Judge H. 

Posted : 17/02/2021 11:28 am