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Old Fart with a new Guitar

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Hello, I am from Georgetown Kentucky. I have always wanted to learn to play guitar and a few times I almost bought a Guitar too. Well, this time when the urge hit I did it. I bought a Yamaha Acoustic FG730S in Violin Sunburst. That was about 5 months ago. I take lessons weekly and I am finally starting to see a bit of progress. I am not really very good, but, I do enjoy it and ever so slowly I am getting better. I like lots of differant kinds of music from Bluegrass to Country to Classic Rock . I also belong to a site called Jamplay. It is a great site too! I have visited this site many times and finally joined. I love the fact that there are many easy songs here to learn. But I really do wish there were strumming patterns with them too. OH, I almost forgot to tell you that I am 58. One more thing. Just one month after I bought my Yamaha I just had to have a electric, so I bought a Squire Strat and a Marshall MG30DFX Combo Amp. LOL :D

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Hey Georgetown

Welcome to Guitarnoise. I have considered checking out jamplay. After I got married I moved to a very small town and most certainly lessons wont be found HERE. LOL Thought maybe JP would be good for that.

Anyways, welcome to the guitar and hope that we see you around here alot more.


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Welcome to GN!


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Welcome to Guitar Noise, Golfky! We look forward to seeing you around the forums! :D

There are lots of us old farts around here! :D

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Well we have many new farts here with old guitars here. :D

Welcome to GN !

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Old fart, young at heart.......well that's how I like to think of myself, anyway!

Welcome to GN, Golfky - you'll soon be like the rest of us, hankering after ever more guitars. "Well I've got the Squier Strat and it's pretty decent but I can't help wondering how it'd compare to a REAL Strat...." etc etc etc....

:D :D :D


"Sometimes the beauty of music can help us all find strength to deal with all the curves life can throw us." (D. Hodge.)

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