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Billy Barker Days Performance on the downtown Stage

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Hey guys ^^

I figured I should post this now since I'm on the computer.

Some of you know I got into BB Days to sing 2 songs. Tomorrow i'm up on the downtown stage in Quesnel at 6:50pm to sing "Beautiful Disaster" (Kelly Clarkson) and "A Thousand Miles" (Vannessa Carlton).
I don't know how many of you guys are near quesnel, but if you're there, say hi!

I'm super excited for it, now that i fixed the awful part up to decency. I'm a bit nervous already, and its the day before the whole thing. I'm not going to at much tomorrow, i don't think, if my stomach gets too riled up.

Anyways, I'll post a report on here on saturday night sometime when i get back home here. Unless he squeezes me in more than the two days, then i should be here. I don't know if I'll be able to have any access to a computer while there, so it all depends ;)

Anyways, wish me luck! I can't wait to get there and see what it looks like and the other music acts.
it'll be lots of fun ;)

I have a clip of beautiful disaster up in the hear me section, but its probably on the second page now. you can go and take a listen there if you like ;)

tty soon!

Posted : 18/07/2007 11:46 pm
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Good luck! ;)

-- Voidious

Posted : 18/07/2007 11:56 pm
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Heck, I don't even know where Quesnel is. But I wish you the best of luck, I know this is very important to you. Just get up there and sing your heart out :D

Posted : 19/07/2007 12:23 am
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Heck, I don't even know where Quesnel is. But I wish you the best of luck, I know this is very important to you. Just get up there and sing your heart out :D

Hey Rachel, if you sing even half as good as what I heard in your post, they'll love you.

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Posted : 19/07/2007 4:45 am
Tommy Guns
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Hey Rachel, GOOD LUCK!!! If you get nervous, just remember all of us at GN are cheering you on and wishing you well.

Very Exciting !!!

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Posted : 20/07/2007 3:03 pm
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Tommy Guns haha, i think having remembered that would have made me more nervous! :mrgreen: haha, but thanks! ;)

I went up twice in the end before i got a bit tired. i slept pretty bad the two nights at my grandma's from a sore arm and leg, and having no painkillers i couldn't do much. so, 5 hours the first night, and around 4 last night. can't wait to crash in my own bed and get some good sleep.

the first time was actually the best, despite the rain and the 3 hour wait to go up. thing is, the night before my voice decided not to do Beautiful Disaster gracefully, so i had to replace it with an accapella song i know that had fun, bopuncy lyrics : "I wish i was a punk rocker (With flowers in my hair)". i had it very roughly memorized.

So I got through A Thousand miles, people were doing their thing, either listening and chatting in the chairs provided or shopping in the background at stalls. probably 50-70 were actively listening in seats.
I did my replacement song... got through the first verse and chorus, and forget the rest.

Singer's worst nightmare, right?
Nope, that was cool! ^_^

because of it, i connected with the audience. whenever i got to the next verse and blanked, i joked. and in the end, i said "hey, you should know this by now--sing with me!" and they were clapping and stomping and singing right along. it was great! and so that was my best performance.

the 2nd time, i never forgot anything, yet the crowd was tiny, and they were pretty quiet.
it wasn't as much fun to be up.

it was quite humbling being around so many great performers and artists. one i'm eagerly awaiting an album from. she was teasing me about not coming with more than two songs, haha. they were such a great crowd.

ah well, i really want to go read the latest hp book, so I'm gone. but it was a good time!

hope everything is going well for you guys! :D

Posted : 22/07/2007 7:28 am