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GIG REPORT - GTA @ Fox's Pub (Mokena)

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This past Saturday night (6/19) Grand Theft Audio played an “all ages” show @ Fox's Pub (Mokena). We started earlier than normal (9pm-12:30am) and had a GREAT crowd. The manager told me that the staff came out to one of our earlier gigs (5/28 Chicago Blu) to see us and they were REALLY IMPRESSED & EXCITED that he booked us to play (VERY COOL)!!! The manager even got a round of applause from his staff Sat night. With our song selections catered to Pop/Rock we had the kids and the staff singing along all night. I saw one little boy's eyes LIGHT UP when Katy asked “are there any Taylor Swift fans here tonight…???” I have such a great time playing to an ENTHUSIASTIC AUDIENCE and kids are very honest…you know right away how you're doing. I brought 2 dozen blow up guitars that were gone before we even played a note . Everyone sang along to Lady Gaga “Poker Face, Telephone”, Taylor Swift “You Belong w/Me”, Key$ha's “Tik Tok”, and Madonna's “Dress You Up”. What a fun night to play!!!

After we finished for the night the manager told me to bring my new band in for a gig & I told him absolutely. We'll just have to learn some more Pop/Rock tunes and we'll be in soon. He said he was trying to establish his place as having bands every weekend since they have a 2am license. The Fox's in Orland & Oak Lawn have been having “one man bands” for 30 years or so & I told him that's what people think of when they think of Fox's entertainment and it will take some time (just like a new band) to establish themselves. I told him that I would spread the word to my other friends who are in bands so that we can all help each other out. We can book gigs there and they can start gaining a reputation of having good bands play there every weekend. A “win-win” situation!!!

Next Gig: This SATURDAY 6/26 GTA will be performing our LAST SHOW @ Harry's Long Bar (13115 S Western Ave) in Blue Island IL from 10pm till the cops shut us down. I think I'm going to start playing FREEBIRD @ the end and see if the rest of the band jumps in for the finale.

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Posted : 21/06/2010 3:27 pm