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GIG REPORT - LIFE IS DRAMA @ Charley Horse (New Lenox)

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On Saturday (8/4/12) my band LIFE IS DRAMA played at Charley Horse (New Lenox). Its been a couple weeks so I'll try to remember how the gig went. This was our first time playing here, we were scheduled to play Charley Horse (Tinley Park) but they closed so we were moved to this bar. Charley Horse is a nice sized room, when you walk in you have the bar right in front of you with hi-top tables to your left (bar area) and booths to your right (restaurant area). We set up on the left in front of the “bar area” and it was tight.

We had a good turnout to start, about 80+ people of which about 50 of them were my friends!! :D I had people who came out whom I haven't seen in a while as well as some first timers!! We set up and did a quick sound check and proceeded to ROCK!!! The tables right up front were right on top of us so there wasn't much of a dance floor but we had a lot of people dancing in their chairs. After the first set the bar moved the empty tables up front to make some room and my cousin who never seen us said to me “Tou have a bunch of alcoholic fans!! I haven't seen the bar back stop coming up w/cases of beer since you guys started!!” :D We played the second set and again I screwed up the solo to “Jenny 867-5309”…I don't know what it is with that song. I played the solo PERFECTLY 6 times before I left for the gig…should've played it 10 times maybe. :D Either way, Jessie's Girl was next and I nailed that one so my confidence was back and we had dancers on the dance floor. We had a thinner but FUN crowd during the 3rd set and Jason (bass), Mindi (singer) & I were out in the crowd dancing and having fun with them!! After we finished the owner said we were AWESOME & bought us a round before we left!! :D

Our next show is tomorrow night!! We're heading back out to one of my favorite places to play, Shakers :shock: (121 W Stevenson Rd, Ottawa)!!

Thanks for reading and all the great comments & if you get the chance to come out and see us make sure you come up and say HI!!! KEEP ROCKIN' !!!!

Tommy Gunz

Ambition is the path to success...persistence is the vehicle you arrive in!!!

Posted : 17/08/2012 8:03 pm