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Gig Report - Life is Drama's Double Header Weekend

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Crazy busy @ work so here is a quick update!!! Tomorrow Night (4/21) we're at Blue Chip Casino (Michigan City, IN) playing the ROCKS LOUNGE from 6pm-10pm!!! :D

This past weekend my band LIFE IS DRAMA played a double header, Friday night we played @ JW Holsteins (Tinley Park) & Shakers (Ottawa). We played JW Holsteins back in Nov 2011 and Shakers back in January 2012. The last time we played these places we did well. Previously at JW Holsteins the clicker count was “99” people which if we would have had 100+ we would've received a bonus and Shakers was PACKED & CRAZY!!! We out did ourselves this time!!! :D

It's been a week so my memory might be a little fuzzy of the past weekend. :D From what I remember our clicker count @ JW Holsteins was 125ppl this time and we DID receive that bonus that eluded us last time. :D I had a group of people who came out from work who never seen me play before, & some other people I haven't seen in a while come out too!!! We had ladies w/hula hoops on the dance floor, the bartender complimented me on my “tie”. I saw some “hotties” from our last gig at Keglers that came out again to see us which was VERY COOL!!! :D We had 2 girls making out at the bar during Katy Perry's “Kissed a Girl” :shock: & this night we didn't have any fights!! Just a great night of music and fun!!! :D

Shakers was Saturday night. I was TIRED driving to this gig. We got there and set up and the bar was pretty empty so I started to wonder if TONIGHT was the night where the crowds start to thin out going into the summer. We got on Facebook and started a “online chat” w/fans but we didn't get any response. With about an hour before we started people REALLY started coming in. By the time we started all the seats were filled!!! During sound check we had people ALREADY start dancing, I though this is going to be a FUN NIGHT!!! From the 1st song of the night we had people up on the dance floor and by the 3rd song the dance floor was going strong!!! Again I saw some people that were there the last time we played there and anytime I see people who come out to see us again I ALWAYS make sure to talk w/them during the break!! We had between 125-175ppl there Sat night!!! :D I heard today that they want us back there again in Aug/Sept!! :D

Sorry for being short on details & we don't have any pics from the shows, we really need to start bringing people to take pics of the crowds!!! :shock:

Let's keep the momentum going!!! Here's a reminder of our upcoming gig schedule!!
Sat 4/21 - Blue Chip Casino (Michigan City, IN)
Fri 5/4 - Tailgaters (Bollingbrook)
Fri 5/11 – Shark City (Glendale Heights)

Thanks for reading and all the great comments!!! KEEP ROCKIN' !!!!

Tommy Gunz

Ambition is the path to success...persistence is the vehicle you arrive in!!!

Posted : 20/04/2012 7:45 pm
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Two gigs with over 100+ fans! Absolutely fantastic!

Posted : 23/04/2012 12:07 pm
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Thanks Laz!!! Yes, its been UNBELIEVABLE!!! The band has never seen this type of success before so I think it has been due to playing new material (more popular songs) & Jason our bass player is a real extrovert!!! He totally gets the crowd going and gets me to go out into the crowd so I'm starting to interact more but I don't think I'll ever get to his level. :D

Ambition is the path to success...persistence is the vehicle you arrive in!!!

Posted : 23/04/2012 12:47 pm