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just a quick question

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This is not news, but I can't get the beginner song on the lesson pages to work. Is the site having trouble? I get the message http error 403 forbidden.

Posted : 29/03/2006 4:05 am
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One or two weird things have happened in the last couple of days, that seem to clear up, of their own accord.

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Posted : 29/03/2006 4:51 am
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Are you talking about the lessons (text) or the MP3s? Towards the end of any month we often exceed our bandwidth allotment as far as the MP3s go and have to close them off until the new month begins. If it's just the music, the files will be set up again shortly.


Posted : 29/03/2006 10:02 am
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It's just the mp3s, it is something that has never happened before, must be the bandwidth allotment. Thanks for the responses.

Posted : 29/03/2006 11:57 am