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Missed obituaries.....
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Missed obituaries...

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Today's paper had a feature on people who died this year - most of the musicians were already posted on here, but here's a few I didn't notice at the time....

Lynden David Hall - british soul singer, died in February, aged 31.
Martin Gilks - drummer with The Wonder Stuff, died in a car crash in April, age 41.
June Pointer - of the Pointer Sisters, also in April, age 53.
Boz Burrell - bassist with King Crimson & Bad Company, in September, age 60.
Sir Malcolm Arnold - composer who won an Oscar for the music in the film "Bridge Over The River Kwai," also in September, age 84.
Dennis Payton - founder member of 60's band The Dave Clark 5, in December, age 63.



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I didn't know Boz Burrell died, great bass player :(

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Sad news...I loved his vocals in King Crimson's Islands.

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Its' always sad to read about these events even sadder when they put together like this ..

So much talent gone in a year and there were many many others as well ...

for all those who left this world this year


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I don't think I heard about any of those deaths at the time they happened. :( - Guitar Chord/Scale Finder/Viewer

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Nither me...

Only the prominent one i remember is Syd Barrett.

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Malcolm Arnold obits have been in Classical Guitar magazine the last couple of moinths.

A :-)

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of course the other great loss is Arthur Lee from Love.