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ONce ur good enuff ...
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ONce ur good enuff for a gig...

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once me and my band are good enuff for a gig (once i learn how to play and sing at the saame freakin time lol) Well i dont have a PA system but i can get one but i know NOTHING about them.. so.. idk how to work them .. but when i get gigs.. do they usally have pa systems and all the things u need besides like the amp and stuff..?? idk.. or does it depend on the place?

Posted : 07/08/2004 11:06 am
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Check out some of Dan Lasley's articles in the "Sound and Engineering" section (you can click on that off the menu on the left hand column on the home page) and you should find all the info you need to get you started.

Hope this helps.


Posted : 07/08/2004 11:33 am
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thanks!! :!: :!: 8)

Posted : 07/08/2004 11:53 am
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Alot of clubs don't have house PAs. At those clubs you pretty much either have to bring your own PA or rent one.
But especially in cities where there are alot of clubs that have live bands some clubs provide PA systems and sometimes amplifiers.
If you have a band and want to play in a particular club ask them whether they provide a PA or not.

Posted : 24/08/2004 10:46 pm