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We advanced to the second and final night!!!

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This is a long story. Months ago we signed up for a large battle of the bands around here, real big. 4 nights, 5 per night, one band from each night advances plus two wildcards that are chosen on the last night.

So we were all set to do it and felt confident, but then our singer/second guitarist bails out. We can't just back out, it's too big a gig, and it will hurt our reputation, so we decide to go as a trio, me singing, as well as the bassist, and the drummer on backup vox.

We get there, and are just there to have some fun because we're in such a tight position. Two of the bands that we saw preceding us were hardcore and punk, not so great. One guy was a wannabe Dreadlock Rasta, lol. Anyway we set up and I start to play. It went so well I can't even tell you, couple mistakes, but I feel like we handled them so professionally.

We played
1. Pride and Joy - me on vox and guitar
2. Stadium Arcadium - Bassist on vox
3. All Along the Watchtower - me on vox
4. Glass of Milk - Our original

I'll try to get the entire thing up in a bit.

Posted : 22/08/2006 3:02 am
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Nice one! Why did the other guy bail?

Sounds like you have it covered though, if you can cope with that and still pull off a performance that gets you through, you've not got much to worry about. :)

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Posted : 22/08/2006 7:31 am
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Thats awsome. Loved the set list. Let us know how the final goes.

Good luck

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Posted : 22/08/2006 7:52 am
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WOW talk about pressure under fire. WTG handling your dilemma!

Better things are coming for you guys, it would seem!!!

Good luck!!!


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Posted : 22/08/2006 12:09 pm