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Acoustic Guitar

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I am looking to buy a new acoustic guitar.
I have been playing since january of this year. I have been playing on an electric.
And now i want a acoustic. I am not comfortable going to the music store to try them out, since i dont think i am very knowledgeable yet. I like playing (or trying to play) songs that involve alot of picking, country, and michelle branch type music.
I have been looking at catalogues online and i have found that i really like the epiphone's (gibson is way to expen$e for me duh) and I really like the dove, hummingbird, and ej200 (this one says its jumbo? does that mean its bigger than normal and i wont be able to get my hands around it?)
I dont know which to go for or like how to choose which one. Any suggestions? Oh my price range is between 0-$400

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One of the things I want to do when I shop for my next acoustic is to find a half dozen or so that 'feel' good to me...first.

Then narrow the field down by sound.

Then narrow down by having someone help me with a blind test. That is, have them play those on the 'short' list in front of me with my eyes closed. Be honest and really close my eyes and don't let them let you see em. Then pick the best two to my ears. Then make the decision.

You already know they feel and play well, now its about sound. The sound from the 'audiences' perspective.



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The jumbos are relatively big guitars, not for your hands but for your body. Maybe you like its sound but it could not be comfortable for you. It is a good thing to go to the store and check them, you and also another person (maybe the salesman or a friend), so you can hear its sound in front of it.

When I bought my electric I had your same problem. There are stores with special isolated rooms in which you can play alone.

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One thing to remember is that you could play half a dozen doves or hummingbirds or EJs and each would sound slightly differant.