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Anybody else excited about this?

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SO I haven't posted in a while, been busy with work and new years resolutions (including spending more time playing). I ran across an article while killing time in borders today and the article was for these...

If you don't feel lick clicking they're Taylor Electric Guitars (No not the acoustic elec. Real electric).
Does anybody have any first hand experience on these, the article i read likened them to Tele's.

I gotta say I love my Taylor acoustic, and these make me rethink a strat as my next purchase.

Hope this posting finds you all well, enjoy the rest of your Sunday's.

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Yes and no.

I went to my local shop to play them this weekend, but no dice. They carry the acoustics and the T5 models, but are not yet getting the SolidBody. The prices on the new Taylor SolidBody models are not bad, but I've got to play and hear to make a decision. The reason I'm skeptical: I own a T5 Custom maple. It's a very good guitar, but I have at least three less expensive guitars -- including my really cheapo kit Tele -- that I really have a blast playing. Not so the T5. Very servicable, but it does not inspire any passion for me. So, I'm gonna try the new SolidBodies, but who knows if I will like.

BTW, I suspect only the Classic SolidBody is described as Tele-like, as that one has a more lightly chambered body (compared to the other SBs); and the body is swamp ash, with maple neck and rosewood fretboard. Also consider the current "hotrodded" vintage thing Fender is promoting, which includes a '52 Tele with a SD neck mini-bucker. It seems as if the Classic SolidBody might not be quite a new concept after all. If it is, it'll probably be due to the very non-standard pup switching -- though on the T5 similar "unique switching" (someone should tell PRS :? ) is not quite as revolutionary sounding as all the reviewers would have one believe.

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when paging through my Sweetwater catalog yesterday I saw the Taylor solid body s. wow. a few grand for a new launch? seemed high. who has used them?
however, I kept looking at the all white model. man, that is gorgeous design. for under two grand too. I think I mat invest and put it away. I think that design is going to be valued someday. I have no idea how they handle and sound. but the looks is wow.

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Totally excited... Thanks.

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Interested, yes. Excited, no. I guess I'd need to play one compared to comparably priced instruments.

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I just got one last month - I got the SolidBody is incredible! Plays like a dream - sounds like no other guitar - tones from strat to scream!

Its a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself.

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I am only exited as long as it is a giveaway. :twisted:

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I was interested when I first saw them. But then I saw the price. why would you buy this:

instead of this:

It just looks like a another generic overpriced guitar to me, and some of the reviews confirm that.

Sorry. Most of you obviously dig it, and thats cool, but to me it's just another guitar that thinks it's worth more then it probably is. I could make an awesome strat from Warmoth for sooo much cheaper.

Also, that Godin is just plain awesome!

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I just picked up a Taylor Standard Solidbody last year. It was down to that or a Fender '59 Nitro Reissue Strat. As I already have a strat, I was leaning toward the Taylor. Somewhat LP-like, bit lighter, thinner, and IMO a better neck. Wider range of sounds, too. Absolutely love it - plays like a dream and the finish is amazing.


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