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Buying a new Classi...
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Buying a new Classic

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Hi everyone!

I finally gethered enough cash to buy a decent classic guitar (1500$) :D and i'd really like some opinions.

my teacher showd me the model he thinks i should get if i'm really sirious about it, it's by amalio burguet (if anyone heard of him or his reputation pls tell me)
the model is named the M2, it's a great guitar with a brilliant responsive sound, only downside is it's a bit pricy...and i'm not sure if i should get it with amplification (which harms the sound a bit) or a cut-off (also, sound issuse).

i want a good guitar for my Bagrut recital (a bagrut is the israely final high-school exem) which will take place in about two years, but i want it to be amplified so i could play with others...

any thoughts?

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get the non electric non cut away. that guitar will be simple to amplify when the time comes.
a microphone and PA system will work.
without those two things the guitar cost should come down a bit.
1500 is not too much to pay for a quality acoustic.

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Hi Classico
The Amalio Burguet Model 2 is a really good classic nylon stringed guitar ( )
And I dont think its possible get with cutaway and mic system.

But this type of guitar is normally played together with other acoustic (non-amplified) instrument and is best recorded with good normal microphones.

But as dogbite says, it is possible to install different types of mic systems at a later time.


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Hi Classico,

I know the Amalio Burguet's guitars by Spanish magazines. Usually they are in advertisings and also small comments. I don't have any magazine with a large review. They are very good guitars.

I was googling and I found a Spanish forum in which somebody ask for the guitar (a different model, a flamenco model) and two people say they are very happy. This is the link (sorry, it is in Spanish).