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Cigar box guitars
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Cigar box guitars

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Im wondering if anyone has info on some sites that show you how to make them and such. What id really like is to buy one already made but Red Dog wants 6-8 hundred for his (worth it by the way just not to me) and i aint buying a cigar box guitar for that.

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i am liking the gas can guitars I have seen. sorry no site link.

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I built a couple of CBG's this summer and am preparing to build a CBG resonator for my father's birthday.
The link to will tell you everything you need to know to build your own 3 string.

IMHO you should build your own. That's half..or more of the fun of the CBG's is putting together a bunch of stuff and playing something on it.

I'm a scrounger at heart and if you are good at it you can build one of these for nothing.

I've given both of the ones I built away, both recipients are none players and were delighted to get them. Both are trying to learn to play them but don't seem too concerned, I told them there aren't any rules with a CBG so just have fun.