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Favourite iPhone music Apps

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Know of any good music apps?

Mine are:

This Day in Music, loads of music trivia, great quiz, and see what song was #1 on the day you were born.

Gibson guitars, you get a good free tuner, chords and lessons.

Killer Riffs, shows you how to play 40 of the best guitar riffs.

What are yours?

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Planet Waves has two good apps: Chordmaster & Scale Wizard.

Shazam is also great for identifying unknown songs.

Jam Base and Local Concerts are also great for finding live music in your area.

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+1 for Shazam

iReal Book has chord charts for lots of jazz standards. bonus points for having a transpose feature which lets you change the key and the chart will be transposed to a new key.

SPL meter - v useful

metronome - whichever one I got, it's free, ranges from 1-210bpm and lets you pick the time signature from no signature, 4/4 up to 7/4 and the same for 8s (3/8 up to 7).

karajan ear trainer app - useful to kill time when waiting for doctor's appointments and whatnot. also really good to use on public transport to annoy those kids who insist on playing rank music on their smart phones. I suggest using the bpm guessing section for this - something about the continuous "click click click click click...." drives those kids insane. 8)

roland 808 drum app - I've tried a few "music creation" apps out of curiosity. this is the best one. even this gets real old real fast. again can be utilised for annoying-kid-annoyance when needed.

there are surprisingly few really useful music apps for the iphone, despite Apple promoting the iPhone as potentially brilliant for this sort of stuff. Music fail, Apple, music fail.

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+1 on Shazam, Karaja, Gibby;s L&M Guitar

I like these

Thereminator: A theremin emulator that actually does a pretty good job, tho it's touch, not "wave yer hand"

iReadMusic: has some exercises that may help you learn to sight read.

Not too impressed by the usefulness of PocketGuitar or Guitarist, both of which are guitar simulators.

but of course: YMMV

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