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Fender Highway 1

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I'm thinking about buying one for some time now. Anyone ever played it? How about Highway 1 : vs Mexico made Fender? Of course i'm gonna try both guitars (and more:)in the store, but wanted to hear about it from you.. any experience?

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They are good guitars. I have played Strat and Tele guitars and also basses. There is a Jazz Bass Highway 1 that it is one of my favorites in a store. But play both, you also can find many good MIM guitars.

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I own one. I am a fan. Keep in mind I have the HSS model

Most noticeable differences:
1.) Nitrocellulose (not sure if that's spelled correctly) finish. It has a different appearance and allows the wood to "breathe more", so i hear. It also gives a cool look when it wears away. I like it compared to the traditional strat finishes
2.) Oversized headstock. It's larger and has a different logo on it
3.) Different pickups. I'm a'll have to try it compared to a MIM for yourself
4.) Mine has jumbo frets on it. I like these

I do feel like the overall quality is better than the MIMs I've tried - but that's something that people will probably differ w/ in opinion. The H1 style will stand out a little bit more imo than a standard MIM