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For those who "STILL" has their first guitar?

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Well, my first guitar is currently my only guitar, and the only thing i've changed about it is different colour holding pins, and some marking writing

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I still have mine. It's been beat up, dropped down, kicked, vomited upon, frozen in winter and sweltered in the summer from staying in the garage for many years. The knobs have been pulled off by mentally challenged kids. It's cracked, scratched and the pups don't work. In other words, it's priceless.

Here's a link to a recent discussion

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My Martin Stinger ST2 has had several decale changes over the years. At one time it was covered in rock band bumper stickers. How I got that guitar lookin' as nice as it does is beyond me. I really don't play it either, wasn't the right guitar for me when I started playing guitar years ago.

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Yep, sat right behind me right now, plugged into my amp no less :) It's a Kay ET200 that I got for £35 half my life ago - it's hacked and mangled, new pickup, extra pickup, more switches etc., but not all by me.

I've grown up around musos, and every single guitarist I've ever talked to for more than about 10 minutes has told me how much they regret losing their first guitar, so I was (and am) determined to always hang on to it. In fact, I've gone so far as to say I'll never get rid of any of my guitars once I know them properly. It's making upgrading impossible, and I'm up to 7 so storage is a pain already, but I love 'em all :) - Guitar Chord/Scale Finder/Viewer

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Hey Misanthrope.... Thankx for posting about your Kay.
I know that it has some similarity with my first guitar; so I looked up the ET200 model....
not what I have; though after about an hour of follow ups from that search,
I finally found out that my guitar is in fact a Harmony Stratotone (model 160?).

A 30 year mystery solved! :D


ps - Also thankx to you, I really want a Kay (3 pup) Speed Demon now!!!! :mrgreen:

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I still have my Aria Pro II strat clone. I've had it rewired so that I can get all of the different pickup combinations, but that's it for mods. It still plays nice. :)

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I had a Yamaha SE200 back in 1983 or so. It was my first guitar. I traded it long ago, but I wish I still had it. I recently saw one show up on Craigslist for $180 but it's in Vermont, about 2 hours from my house. I'm thinking about maybe taking a ride but with gas prices, it would end up costing me another $40!

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Offer a little less to help make up for the gas?

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You know I forgot all about it. I do still have my first guitar. I don't have my first acoustic, but I do have my first electric.

It's a 1970-ish Gibson SG-200

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That SG still looks in a pretty good condition !

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