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i have the opportunity to buy what is being described as a 1997 cs les paul. the price seems to good so i am leary.i checked with an online serial # checker and it came back as not not a good #.i was also told that this lp should weigh about 9.5lbs. this one weighs 11.5lbs. the serial # is CS73289. could you tell me if im being scammed?

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From Gibson, posted on their forum:
Due to the increasing number of counterfeit Gibson instruments on the market, we are no longer able to authenticate guitars simply with a posted serial number. In order to verify the authenticity of your guitar, you will now have to contact Gibson Customer Service and follow the procedure listed below:

Identifying a particular model/variation can be difficult, please send the following information to assist us in identifying and/or dating your instrument quickly and accurately-
A complete description including the serial number and any other information written on or inside of the instrument.
Any information relating to the known history of the information (such as when and where purchased, any known repairs or modifications made)
Photos of the instrument (please limit to 2MB total size - emails larger than 2MB will not reach us) – full front, full back, as well as close ups of the front and back of the headstock, also of any inside labels that the instrument may have.
Thank you for writing us.
Gibson Customer Service

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