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Hollow Body?

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Thanks for all of the feedback. I definitely appreciate it.

One other question, in regards to the neck, should it be similar thickness to my other guitar (Squier) to help me get some consistently when switching between the two, or does that really matter?

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I don't want all my guitars to feel and play alike. each has their own vibe and I try my best to respond to it.

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The Casino has a flatter fretboard (longer radius) than most Fender products. Personally I like that better but that's a matter of taste.

The string length (scale) from nut to bridge is probably a but shorter too. I prefer the longer scale, but again, a matter of taste and how our hands are built.

I have no trouble going from one instrument to another. It may seem a bit awkward at first, but for myself and most other people I've known, in a short amount of time, your hands will know which guitar is in your hands and adapt to that without you having to think about it.


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