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I want a triple OOO...
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I want a triple OOO guitar... Help.

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I am looking for the Robert Johnson style Triple OOO guitar. I really want something with a solid top and possibly back and sides. Maybe under 500?

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I wanted a triple 000 guitar recently too. i also wanted a cutaway and acoustic-electric. i didn't find too much of interest but i only went to two stores. i wound up buying a martin. they have the same model without the electronics mand maybe without the cutaway for less 4 than mine but it stil would be more than $500. Mine is 000C-16GTE. You might look around for and 000-16GT if that is even the correct model number.

i also found a Guild called something like GAD-30. I don't know if "30" corresponds to the 000 size but I think it was smaller than a dreadnaught and was real nice sounding. It didn't have electronics but had something where you could plug it in. I don't know if that make that model without the plug in for a little less money. That was was around $700.

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Johnson has some. Here's one -

Here's the 000 -

I don't know if that's too on the economy level for you, but they're cool looking. :)

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IMO the best bang for your buck in your price range bar none

i have played one of these and i felt the neck was just a bit slimmer then i was used to but i didn't feel it was a problem
(i have big fingers) they are solidly constructed with hand carved top braces in a forward "pre-war" X pattern.
these sound and play as well as guitars costing 3-4 times as much imo