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Maybe it's GAS-Opin...
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Maybe it's GAS-Opinions Regarding an Acoustic

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So I've been switching between Yamaha F-310 Acoustic, yamaha C-40 classical and electric on a no name for the past 6 years.

But after 6 years I think it's time for me to get another acoustic because i feel I really want to grow as a player and it's about time I get a higher end acoustic.

I head to Long and Mcquade yesterday and try a bunch of guitars for a good hour and a half and in the end I see a rental Takamine EG40SC for $450. It's original price was $725 but the price has dropped due to 2 years of rental use, plus the lacquer on the back of the neck was chipped away.

So the guitar fit my criteria which were to have cutaways, pickups and secondhand, and I saw it as a good price (I'm a sucker for price drops).

So I tried bargaining with the sales rep and he said that was the lowest they could go, cause it the price was decided by the district manager (whatever that meant) but he would through me in a set of elixirs and give me a free setup. Right there is about $70 CAD?

But calmly I left the store and called my guitar friend and girlfriend to ask for their opinion. Both opinions were I'm being a bit impulse and I should sleep on it.

But right now I'm going crazy thinking about getting the guitar right now. :D

So I was wondering, does anyone know much about this guitar? Or even good/bad experiences will middle range Takamines with electronics in them.

Also, am I sufering from GAS?

Thanks a bunch.

Here's a link to the guitar BTW, I think it's discontinued.

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I don't know anything about that guitar but I've been hearing good things about Blueridge guitars. They may have something nice in your price range.