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Music shop music.

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This may have been posted already please forgive me if it has

Hi, I was just wondering what you all play when in a guitar shop trying out that way too exspensive axe you've had your eye on for weeks.???

I tend to lean towards playing Clapton and Oasis riffs on electric and just run through a few chord progressions on acoustic (inability)

I would love to pick up an acoustic and wow the punters with a bit of really cool fingerpicking but at the moment that aint gonna happen.

Rod. :wink:

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No Stairway! No Smoke on the Water! :lol:

I have my own way of playing the Foo Fighter's Oh, George - more arpegiated than they do - I tend to use that for trying out guitars I'm not used to as I'm so used to it, it's got a really interesting chord progression and I can milk a lot of different styles out of it. That's for acoustic and electric. - Guitar Chord/Scale Finder/Viewer

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I was in looking at my dream guitar today and saw some PUNK, I say that lovingly, playing Metallica. Doing a pretty fine job too I might add. I'm just a tad jealous of his playing ability.


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No Stairway! No Smoke on the Water! :lol:

Hee hee - Stairway, Smoke and Smells Like Teen Armpits are banned in most UK music shops.

I usually play a fingerstyle blues piece I wrote myself, or the Titanic theme if it's a Classical.


A :-)

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Boston's "More Than A Feeling" (well my version of it anyway!) - been playing it for so long the fingers know where to go......Wonderwall....riffs from Day Tripper and I feel Fine.....a little improvised finger-picking around Em, C and D.....that's usually enough to tell me all I need to know about an acoustic......

If I'm trying out an electric, however, I always ask if they've got a 15W cube amp in....if they ask why, the simple answer is "I want to know how it sounds at home....." this has the added value of grabbing their attention......

Then I'll try the riff from "Since You've Been Gone" and a couple of little solos of my own....

:D :D :D


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Usually I just noodle if I'm trying an amp or effects and if it's a guitar I'll be doing the standardized boring stuff (play each fret all strings etc). Don't really play famous licks, mostly because I'm too lazy to learn any I guess.

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I find my self playing around with scales, songs I'm learnin' (that keeps the employees away), and noodling.

I was playing around on a bass guitar once and the employe at the guitar store asked me how long I've been playing bass and I said 'five minutes.' He must have thought I was good or something.

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I've just come back from a guitar shop. I noodled around on a 99 US Strat - did Layla Intro, a bit of Gary Moore, a few chords, a bit of inane fumbling, put it down and left.

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