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My Moral Dilemma

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If your kid is looking to learn drums I got a Gretsch Catalina Club Kit and a decent cymbal pack & hardware on craigslist for $500 from a dad who was selling his uninterested son's kit! :D The cymbals are worth more than $500 alone so I figured I made out well. Drummers who stop by to play really like it (I still suck I can play one 4/4 beat and adjust the speed :lol: ).

If you want to make your kid play guitar on purpose it might turn him off (dang teenagers), I'd just say encourage wherever you can. Look at Dave Grohl, he could be a famous drummer forever but knew gtr as well and he's doing rather well with that.

Just my 2 cents


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Get him both and a bass too!

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my take on it is kids do not appreciate things that are not at least partially earned.
if they have an interest, get them lessons somewhere where the instrument is provided or can be rented.
then if they stick with it, spring for half.


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Sounds like you came up with a good solution Blue. My 16 year old started playing percussion in the school band in 6th grade and wanted a drum set. His grandparents bought him one for Christmas a few years ago. I bought him a guitar 2 Christmases ago and he has practiced guitar more than he has drums (mainly because of the whole volume issue). Like someone said in the thread, in high school bands guitarists are a dime a dozen. Unfortunately for him, his 2 best friends are an awesome drummer and an awesome guitarist who already had a band put together. They needed a keyboardist, so my son picked that up (he already had some piano experience from the school band).

I also bought my youngest son (11) both a guitar and a harmonica. I now "own" the harmonica and I keep threatening to sell his guitar to finance my insatiable appetite for new guitars, because he just doesn't want to practice. I won't do it, because I think when he hits 12 or 13, there will be more desire there. Of course, by then he won't need the 3/4 scale guitar he has so I'll be selling it anyway. :)

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Hey Jeff...SO is that to mean that you would have to sell the 3/4 scale before you bought another guitar for yourself? (lol...didn't think so)

Ya know, I think about this and feel that at least I'm trying to put the right things in both kid's hands. As a parent, you can lead them to the water, but they have to be thirsty enough to drink. And as TL said, I can incorporate a little bit of work ethic into the deal. So , in the end, its all good. I may end up with a drum set but if that's the worst thing that can happen...I'll take it.

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I think guitar is a good idea, as it is less bulky.

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