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Need your help about Jim Root Squier Tele and Schecter Demon

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Hey guys!

Good day!

I need your opinions/suggestions between a Jim Root Squier Telecaster and Schecter Demon 6 guitars. So basically, Am planning to purchase a new guitar from MusiciansFriend but you see I can't decide on what to get. The thing is, I love them both! I love the clean tone of fender guitars.On the other hand, I love the heavy tones of schecter guitars as well. In addition, I try to limit my budget down to $400 since I live somewhere in Asia and shipping is always a pain in the @#$! These guitars aren't available in my area and I always try to avoid the counterfeit ones if you know what I mean. Obviously, I love to play metal,metal and metal and what not.

I know that choosing is always subjective and you are all entitled to that. I mean no bias, we all love different brands and form of music but as mentioned above, The Jim Root Squier and Schecter guitars are the only choices I got this time. I've done my research a couple of times already and I think that's it. I'm planning to purchase this week so I really need your response asap!