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New Guitar Website Idea - Any feedback or opinions?

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I know this isn't your typical type of post on here but I thought this might be a good place to get some honest opinions from actual players. Any comments positive or negative would be appreciated.

So here is the idea:

I already have a basic website up if you want to check it out to get an idea of the functionality: ... but FYI.....there is no product or dealers linked yet, so you won't get any actual results.

This is how it would work:
1. Users search for gear by filling out a form of what they are looking for and how much they want to pay.

2. Guitar Overstock reaches out to its list of independent music stores across the country to see if anyone has the product and is willing to sell it at that price.

3. Users then get the results of available product or any counter offers. They can then decide to purchase if they want and Guitar Overstock serves as the middle man to complete the transaction.

There would also be a section where dealers can list product if people just want to browse. Any thoughts?

I own a mid-size, independent guitar shop that was started by my dad in the 70's. Excess inventory and keeping up with manufacturer minimums and requirements has always been a challenging task. This is where the idea comes from. It would help buyers find good deals while helping dealers move extra product.

Thanks in advance for any input!