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I've seen a couple washburn acoustics at a local shop for $175, worth it?
After talking to some of you here and the woman at C.F.Martin I'm now kind of afraid somthing could happen.

what's a good acoustic that I won't worry about too terribly much if something happens in transit from location to location?

Kinda scary and weird, my guitar is worth more than the truck I knock about in.

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I used to have a Washburn electric. It was a nice guitar, good action, nice sound. However, I haven't played an acoustic Washburn. $175 doesn't sound bad.

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C. F. Martin want to sell you one of their guitars. That's fine, as long as you have the money for one.

I can't speak for the acoustics, but I have a Washburn ES335 clone - excellent guitar, well finished and easy to play.

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All of my Washburn acoustics in the past were excellent, electrics depended on the model, and basses were dy-no-mite.

However, before I lost my memory, I seemed to know that Washburn quietly sold its business, and actually sold the trademark itself. This could allow the quality to slide, rather than be better, nothwithstanding USA Custom Shop electrics, which go on! Yeah, Nuno anyone? :shock: 8)

At one point, I noticed that Washburn and Epiphone came off the same Oriental assembly line with different headstocks and stickers, etc. These were all okay, and could be excellent.

I would recommend the Washburn of your choice in the shop, tested to your liking and preference, if there's one that hits the spot. That IMO is preferable to shipping.

If you want a guitar shipped, I just can not say enough good things about Crafter in that price range. Reason not mentioned before: we haven't talked about that price range? :lol:

This is not off-topic, but if you consider Crafter, and order through shipping, get it before it's cold outside, and... I was given a Crafter 12 string (gave it to daughter, she gave it back :shock: ) last Christmas and I like it so much, that it replaces my 1962 Gibson, which used to be one of my better acoustics. It's in my signature thingy, below.

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I think the Washburn D10 gets several awards for the entry level some years ago.

Martin are very good guitars and some models are not very expensive.

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I think the Washburn D10 gets several awards for the entry level some years ago.

Yeah, they got a bunch of awards and was the pick of most guitar magazines. I had a D10-SCE (the acoustic electric) up until about the end of June when I got my Ibanez.

That guitar was just such a great guitar! No problems, built in tuner, good stuff! Don't be afraid of the washburn, embrace the washburn! LOL.

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i have both an OE30 semi hollow electric and an F11SC folk acoustic.
both are great sounding and easy to play.
both were made overseas and the quality is surprisingly good.
the F11SC is one of my favorite guitars.
for the price you really can't go wrong


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Played the washburn D10 SCE in the shop the other day. Very nice guitar. Always more expensive in england though. It had a nice fishman pick-up and a really nice tone. Worth a buy IMO.

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I've been playing a Washburn D10S for about 4 years; it was my first guitar. It's a decent entry-level acoustic, retailing new for about $300. It produces a nice sound and I have no complaint about the instrument's finish for its price. It still gets plenty of use, but if I had to buy it all over again I would spend more for a better guitar. At that price, assuming it has been well taken care of, I don't think you'll be disappointed, though. Spend some time playing it to see what you think. You can always make a low-ball offer, too.