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Which pick do you u...
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Which pick do you use and why?

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What is your favorite pick?

I really like these
They seem to have great wear resistance and feel really nice in the hand

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I like the orange Tortex .60mm and the .73mm. Depends on which guitar I'm playing.

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Mostly I use the Fender California Clears Heavy (1 mm)

But I also like the New York Pro 0.96mm picks (I can't find a picture of one). I used to use medium picks when I started but now I prefer the heavies...I tried a 2mm & 3mm once my I didn't like the sound they produced. The 1mm is a nice mix of a "strumming" pick and a "lead-playing" pick.

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I seem to get a better sound out of thicker picks. These Gator Grips are easy to handle and not too slippery. They also seem to survive the washing machine quite well. :lol:

Also use Dunlop Tortex 2.0mm on occaision.


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I use Dunlop Big Stubbys. They're a light purple hard plastic with an indentation in the middle. i like them because they're the hardest pick i can find. I also like the Fender heavys that The Trapped X already posted. They're my second favorite.

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For electric guitar: .80mm Clayton Spikes - these give a really bright tone. And they've got Spike!

For bass: 2.0mm Dunlop Jazztone, style 206 or 207 - these give a really warm tone with almost no click. These are the closest i've gotten to fingerpicking tone with a flatpick.

For acoustic fingerstyle: white Dunlop thumbpick - they're the right size and easy to find.

For acoustic flatpicking, .60mm Pickboy Carbon Nylon "Edge" picks - the pointy tip and small size allow for good control, and they are much stiffer than most other materials on the same gauge.

For general acoustic strumming, .60mm Dunlop Ultex - nice bright tone, just flexible enough. And they've got a rhino!

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Geez, I feel kind of deprived now, I just use my fingers

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When I use a pick I currently use these for no particular reason:

However I would like to use but they are too expensive:

You might be able to figure out why. :lol: sorry I couldnt figure out how to make the images smaller.


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I use the thinnest fender picks I can find

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I use dunlop nylon .38 mm for electric and acoustic. I use by thumb for bass.

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Which: Dunlop Big Stubbi 3mm bass picks
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Jim Dunlop nylon .60mm

I like the pick to bend alittle when you're strumming, but not too much when playing leads, and this one seems to do the trick for both.


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I used to use a nylon .7mm (or so), but I grabbed a Dunlop teardrop shaped pick a while back as a bit of a novelty thing (the yellow one, if it matters) and while it can be a bit of a pain to hold compared to a regular size/shape one, it makes such a lovely warm sound that I use it anyway as much as I can (except for when I need to be sure I won't drop the pick halfway through a song, but I'm hoping with practice I'll get used to it :) ). Seriously though, I was shocked at how different (and IMHO nicer) the sound from that smaller sized pick was compared to everything else I had tried.

edit: I just thought I should add, this is for an acoustic

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I use Dunlop Gator Grips. I have both .96 and .58. I have not figured out which I like better yet.

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As long as they are pretty stiff and thick enough to grip, I'll use 'em ... now I feel so dirty. It's all about control. I like any flex to be in my wrist and fingers so I can get complete control over the attack and tone.

Dunlops in Stubby, Big Stubby, Gatorgrip, Tortex

Pickboy in various nylon and ceramic (a fave, see below)

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