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Which pick do you u...
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Which pick do you use and why?

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What is your favorite pick?

I really like these
They seem to have great wear resistance and feel really nice in the hand

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I like the orange Tortex .60mm and the .73mm. Depends on which guitar I'm playing.

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Mostly I use the Fender California Clears Heavy (1 mm)

But I also like the New York Pro 0.96mm picks (I can't find a picture of one). I used to use medium picks when I started but now I prefer the heavies...I tried a 2mm & 3mm once my I didn't like the sound they produced. The 1mm is a nice mix of a "strumming" pick and a "lead-playing" pick.

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I seem to get a better sound out of thicker picks. These Gator Grips are easy to handle and not too slippery. They also seem to survive the washing machine quite well.

Also use Dunlop Tortex 2.0mm on occaision.


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I use Dunlop Big Stubbys. They're a light purple hard plastic with an indentation in the middle. i like them because they're the hardest pick i can find. I also like the Fender heavys that The Trapped X already posted. They're my second favorite.

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For electric guitar: .80mm Clayton Spikes - these give a really bright tone. And they've got Spike!

For bass: 2.0mm Dunlop Jazztone, style 206 or 207 - these give a really warm tone with almost no click. These are the closest i've gotten to fingerpicking tone with a flatpick.

For acoustic fingerstyle: white Dunlop thumbpick - they're the right size and easy to find.

For acoustic flatpicking, .60mm Pickboy Carbon Nylon "Edge" picks - the pointy tip and small size allow for good control, and they are much stiffer than most other materials on the same gauge.

For general acoustic strumming, .60mm Dunlop Ultex - nice bright tone, just flexible enough. And they've got a rhino!

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Geez, I feel kind of deprived now, I just use my fingers

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When I use a pick I currently use these for no particular reason:

However I would like to use but they are too expensive:

You might be able to figure out why. sorry I couldnt figure out how to make the images smaller.


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I use the thinnest fender picks I can find

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I use dunlop nylon .38 mm for electric and acoustic. I use by thumb for bass.

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Which: Dunlop Big Stubbi 3mm bass picks
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Jim Dunlop nylon .60mm

I like the pick to bend alittle when you're strumming, but not too much when playing leads, and this one seems to do the trick for both.


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I used to use a nylon .7mm (or so), but I grabbed a Dunlop teardrop shaped pick a while back as a bit of a novelty thing (the yellow one, if it matters) and while it can be a bit of a pain to hold compared to a regular size/shape one, it makes such a lovely warm sound that I use it anyway as much as I can (except for when I need to be sure I won't drop the pick halfway through a song, but I'm hoping with practice I'll get used to it :) ). Seriously though, I was shocked at how different (and IMHO nicer) the sound from that smaller sized pick was compared to everything else I had tried.

edit: I just thought I should add, this is for an acoustic

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I use Dunlop Gator Grips. I have both .96 and .58. I have not figured out which I like better yet.

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As long as they are pretty stiff and thick enough to grip, I'll use 'em ... now I feel so dirty. It's all about control. I like any flex to be in my wrist and fingers so I can get complete control over the attack and tone.

Dunlops in Stubby, Big Stubby, Gatorgrip, Tortex

Pickboy in various nylon and ceramic (a fave, see below)

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