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You Tube Help (Please)

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You Tube isn't letting me view thier videos anymore and has this message in place of the video:
"Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Macromedia's Flash Player. Get the latest flash player. "

Yout Tube has always worked in the past and I downloaded the flash player just in case; so it must be be an error with JavaScript. I have already checked my Internet Options and Norton Firewall just incase Java got blocked from either of those two things- but I couldn't find anything blocking Java in those.

A few days ago a message from those icons in the bottom right informed me of updates for Java, but I ignored it. Right after I found out You Tube wasn't working I went to the bottom panel and clicked to update Java and did so, but still no luck.

I am thinking that maybe a Firewall setting got changed automatically when I ignored the Java update and is still that way even after I have updated.

Is there any way to open controls and settings for Java?

Where should I look to see if Java is turned off?

Any other suggestions?

All help is GREATLY appreciated!

P.S. I'm running Windows XP with Norton Internet Security on Internet Explorer.

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Why don't you try this:

- go to
- download Firefox
- install it

The browser installs quickly and you can surf the web with it. You'll know that way if its a third-part software issue or an Internet Explorer issue.

If the above doesn't work then you have to play with the third party software:
- go to and get the latest Flash player
- install it

If that doesn't work either then in order to make sure that Javascript is enabled in your Internet Explorer browser (for IE v7.0):
- go to Tools --> Internet Options --> Security --> Custom Level --> Scripting/Active Scripting/Enable

I'm not fond of this last option (above). I don't like to mess with the Internet Explorer.

Alternatively you could download Opera v9 from . This one is another really good browser and hopefully that'll work for you.
Good luck.

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Oh yeah one more thing ...

Javascript and Java are completely different things. I know "Java"script has the word "Java" in it but it doesn't mean anything at all.
The two technologies (Javascript and Java) are completely unrelated.

Javascript is what displays alert boxes and popups etc in your browser. Javascript also dynamically alters the entire web page (depending on whoever has created the webpage).
Java on the other hand is a programming language that runs outside the web browser. So they are unrelated.

Sometimes (and this may seem confusing) the browser runs programs that are downloaded into it called "applets" - these are little Java programs.
You Tube however does not use Java. It may use Javascript and Flash but not Java.

Anyhow - if you still want to check on the status of Java and see if it is associated/installed/plugged in to your browser then:
- go to Start -> Control Panel -> Java or Java Plug-in[/] (sometimes you may even have two icons, i.e., one for Java and the other for Java Plug-in)
- double click the icon for Java (or Java Plug-in)
- go to the "Browser" tab
- if the checkbox for "Microsoft Internet Explorer" is not checked then you need to check it
- click Apply
- Restart your internet explorer browser

Hope it helps!

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Firefox totally owns IE too so once you downloaded it, continue to use it :P

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